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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interview: Sharing Some Thoughts

photo credit:,.au
I'm shamelessly promoting myself in today's post. (Haha!)

A friend found me worthy to be interviewed and featured on his blog- Life Lover
I'm grateful to have this chance to share another side of me and share my faith. 

The top 3 question I like about the interview: 

19. What’s your dream for the future?
To travel the world professionally while proclaiming God’s love. Making people fall in love in the Word.
25. What kind of person you want/ don’t want to be?
I want to be a kind of person who is more care-free, less anxious, and more courageous.
I don’t want to be someone who is scared of life. I don’t want to get old with a life unlived.
26. Which of God’s attributes most inspires you to worship him?
His super, super, super, amazing, amazing, grace!
Because when you realize how insignificant you are and the great blessings that God gave you, you’ll just be moved.

Check out the whole interview here-  PROFILES: FAYE VITAN

My friend and the man behind the blog, Richard Jacob, is also a Filipino living in Japan. 
In a few years that I knew him, I saw how he matured from a happy-go-lucky teenager to a responsible and God-loving young man. He has a big heart for the Filipino teenagers who live in Japan.

PS: Two years ago, I was also interviewed for a magazine. I can't believe how time flew. I'm sharing it even if it's 2 years late. (Told you this is a vanity post. hehe!) My Life in Japan

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

About the Purple Pen


Where am I in Japan?

I'm Faye Vitan, an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. I'm teaching in a Junior High School in Hamamatsu City. Where is it, you may ask. Hamamatsu is in Shizuoka Prefecture where Mt. Fuji or Fuji-san  is. Before being assigned here, I don't have any idea where Hamamatsu is too. Surprisingly, Hamamatsu is a great city. It's quite international with a large population of gai-jins (foreigners). This is also the place where Honda, Yamaha and Kawaii are born. It's rich in culinary delights such as mikans (small sweet tangerines), gyoza and unagi (eel). Location wise, it's strategic for travel since it's between major cities of Osaka and Tokyo and near Nagoya. Hamamatsu is also one of the windiest cities in the world. It faces the Pacific Ocean in the east but it has mountains in the west. Great place, really!

Hamamatsu Castle Hmamatsu Castle built by Tokugawa Ieyasu
Hamamatsu Castle Park
What am I doing in Japan?

Before coming to Japan, I've been teaching English in the Philippines. I've taught in a Korean school for two years, in an international school for 3 years and in a university for a year. My original plan is to teach English in China to hopefully earn more. Thankfully, Japan opened its doors for Filipino English teachers and I'm now here! Yey! I mean, I'd rather be here than in China. Though I've been teaching for quite some time, the teaching I'm doing here in Japan is totally different. I'm forced to be creative beyond how I used to be. I'm pushed to be excellent within a limited time and limited scope of responsibilities. I have no choice but to adapt to the working culture which I find organized yet sometimes frustrating. Still, I'm trying to take things in stride.

Why am I blogging in Japan?

This blog started as one of the products of my frustration at work. Because I'm a foreigner and I can't speak Japanese, there's no one I can share my thoughts with in the workplace. Writing has become my voice and this blog my audience. Then the more I stayed longer in Japan, the more I realized that there's more to life here than ranting about work. I thought that there may be other foreigners who might need the information I can share so I also have lots of info here especially for Hamamatsu residents. I'm also glad to receive feedback from foreigners in other countries who are just interested in Japan. I hope that I've been of help even in the smallest of ways. For me, blogging alone helped me cope with my work and knowing people read this blog make it even more worthwhile.

Why Purple Pen? 

I like the color purple. I don't know why. I use purple pens when checking student papers, when writing daily in my planner and when signing documents (unless it's not allowed). So I thought, why not use the purple pen for blogging as well.

Other Things: 

  • My greatest dream is to travel the world. When I'm not planning my lesson, I'm planning my next travel adventure. 
  • I love the outdoors and I love moving. But I also enjoy the times when I can just stare at nothingness. 
  • I'm immensely interested with culture and human behavior. I would have been a cultural observer if there's a job like that. 
  • I like to read than watch movies. I like to write than to talk. 

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