Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Happened to Shizuka?: Doraemon's Henti Version

I didn't realize the extent of henti anime in Japan until last week. I was browsing the net in search for images of Shizuka of Doraemon. I need a picture of her for a lesson. Then came the third page of the search results. I was surprised to find a naked Shizuka smiling innocently while sitting on the edge of a tub suggestively. I got curious so I clicked the picture and voila! Right before my eyes is Shizuka's nude body in a larger frame. The  image was from a henti site. I had to close it right away cause I was in school. I don't want to be accused of browsing porn sites.

Shizuka, a young nice girl in Doraemon
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I should have stopped there but I didn't. I viewed the search results again and found more images of Shizuka as an adult with Nobita. There was even one with Doraemon. On the first glance, it looked hilarious. But I also thought what kind of people would think of turning Shizuka, a young nice girl in an anime for kids, into a porn star. I was also wondering why would they want to pair her up with Doraemon, a robot cat? I think Suneo and Gian would be more acceptable.

Nobita and Shizuka
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I shouldn't have been really shocked. Back in high school, some of my guy classmates share henti mangas. The only henti scene I have seen is that a sexual encounter between Dennis and Vincent of Ghost Fighter. It just looked grossly funny to me that I didn't become curious of searching for more henti anime.

Doraemon main cast
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But even with my age now, I am still surprised with what I saw. I'm not naive, just really really surprised. Without sounding condescending, I think turning young girls (and boys) into lustful objects is not good. Who in their right mind would look lustfully on young ones? More so, why would you even think about it?

Also, I think the proliferation of henti manga and anime in Japan is a manifestation of sexual problems. Could it be that in Japan's very polite society, men and women resort a lot to sexual fanstasies bordering to perversion?  I'm just guessing and trying to play psychologist.

As I have stated, I was shocked that the anime characters I grew up have henti counterparts. If I'm going to be deep and philosophical about it, I would say that a part of my childhood felt violated. At the same time, I can also commend the creator of Doraemon's henti version for being (perversely) creative. But I am still shocked and I know I would't look at Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka the same way as before.

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