Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Japanese School Lunch

The school lunch is one of the best things in Japanese schools. The food being served is healthy, well-balanced and affordable. The serving is very filling that I don't usually finish it.

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I'm thankful for the school lunch because I don't have to worry if I'm getting proper nourishment. The menu is prepared by a certified nutritionist. I also don't have the burden of thinking what food to prepare for school everyday. Other countries should consider adopting Japan's school lunch system.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I Got an iPhone6

Comic Strip for iPhone6
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I felt tricked into buying an iPhone 6.

I know how the world awaited its release and how people braved the lines to have it. But I don't care about iPhone 6 at all. I don't care about Apple products actually. Though I've used an iPhone 5 for 2 years, I could easily be happy with other brands.

So why did I get an iPhone 6? I'm blaming it on the ridiculous marketing strategy of AU KDDI.

My story started 2 years ago in November when I signed a 2-year phone contract with AU. I was new in Japan and I needed a phone which I could use Google Map and Google Translate. My first phone in Japan, a simple black and white fliptop, charged about 6,000 Yen a month. It's just 2,000 Yen short for a smartphone so I decide to change it.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How Much Money to Visit Japan?

somewhere in Morioka, Iwate

How much will I spend when I visit Japan? 

I heard this question many times. I think people ask me either because they're really preparing for their trip or because they're thinking if they can afford it. Lots of people want to see Japan but there's a widespread perception that this place is expensive. 

Is Japan really an expensive place to visit?

I browsed through several blogs trying to answer this question. They're almost unanimous in saying that Japan's expensive if you compare it with other East Asian countries like Korea, China and the tropical countries in the South. However, Japan's considerably cheaper if you compare with Western European countries, the US, Australia and New Zealand.
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