Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Help Earthquake Victims in Nepal

In case you don't know yet, a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal last Saturday. Earthquakes hitting 7 in the Richter scale is considered a major earthquake and causes serious damage. As of today, more than 3,000 people have died and thousands more are injured. Some parts of China, Tibet, Bangladesh and India were also affected by the quake. Strong aftershocks are still being felt. Tent dwellings have sprung up in Kathmandu with the locals scared to go back to their homes. Many others and still missing or trapped. 

Historical temples, shrines and buildings were destroyed. About 29 districts in Kathmandu were declared crisis zones. Hospitals are overcrowded and supplies are running out. Stores are expected to be closed for at least a week. Food and water are in short supply. 

I could write more sentences to describe the devastation in Nepal. A quick search in on Google Images will show you how horrible and sad the current situation in Nepal is. 

I'm no stranger to calamities since the Philippines face 20 typhoons in a year. I have families and friends who suffered during Haiyan and Ondoy. I've also seen the devastation of the March 11 earthquake in Japan. I've visited the ghost towns in Tohuko and talked with children orphaned from the disaster. So my heart goes out when things like this happen. I can't just pretend that everything is fine in the world when I know that in another part, thousands of people are hanging on for their lives. 

I'm writing this post to ask help and prayers for the people in Nepal. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mutsugiku: Famous Gyoza Restaurant in Hamamatsu

gyoza restaurant after the chaos
Hamamatsu currently holds Japan's "Gyoza Capital," title. It has the most number of gyoza consumed in 2014 retaking the top position from Utsonomiya,Tochigi. Households in Hamamatsu spend 4,000 to 5,000 Yen for gyoza annually. 

Hence, gyoza is one of the "must-try's" food in Hamamatsu. It's not hard to find a gyoza restaurant but one of the most popular gyoza place is _____________. It's located a few minutes walk on the South Side of Hamamatsu Station. It's behind Royal Host Family Restaurant.

When I say it's popular, it's really popular. A queue in front of the restaurant is a common sight. In fact, my friend discovered this place because of the constant queue. She doesn't really care about gyoza and I don't really care about gyoza so we don't really search for gyoza hidden gyoza places. This place was just very noticeable and intriguing because of the queues that we decided to give it a try.

Thoughts on Teaching (Random Ramblings on my Free Time)


You know what's the most challenging job in the world?

It's being a classroom teacher.

Now before you roll your eyes and think that this another ''We are so proud to be teachers,''post, I'm telling you it's not.

I will not tell you about how hard is lesson planning or checking stacks of papers or making worksheets or even preparing tests . Here's a harsh truth, if you're a teacher for more than 5 years and you still think these are hard, it's time to consider a new career. Seriously.

Anyway, what makes classroom teaching the most challenging job is...

...the number of students!
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