Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Japanese Toilet

I love hanging out in toilets. I know that sounds gross but I just find peace in them. When things get too stressful at work, I would just go the toilet to calm my nerves. When I came to Japan, I find their toilets interesting. There were a lot of things in Japanese toilets that are new to me.

Here are some of them: 

1. The traditional toilet bowl: The Japanese toilet bowl is on the ground. You have to position yourself in a manner that is similar to riding a bike or motorcycle. When I first use this, I sat on the opposite direction so the floor got messy. A Japanese told me that they have this type of bowl because it's hygienic. People don't have to sit on the same place where other people's butt touched. I guess, she has a point there. 

traditional Japanese toilet bowl

2. The seat cleaner: As I have mentioned, the Japanese do not want their butts touching others even indirectly so establishments with regular toilet bowls often provide seat cleaners. There's a separate tissue and gel-like cleaner just for cleaning seats. 

3. The automatic a** and v***** shower:  I don't know yet the name of this type of toilet bowl but its automatic washing capabilities amazes me. I just have to push some buttons and I'm clean down there without touching myself. Some tissue wiping here and there and I can zip my pants again. Isn't it convenient?

automatic toilet bowl with washers and music

4. The seat warmer: I just learned that my toilet bowl at home does not only have automatic washers but also seat warmers. With winter setting in, I complain to a friend how my butt feels cold when I pee. She informed me that my bowl actually has a warmer and I just had to set it to warm the rims of my bowl. So all I can I say is wow even my butt can be warm in winter. 

5. The musical toilet: My aunt said that some toilets have musical buttons so that peeing people don't have to be conscious of the sound of their pee. When she said this, I just thought how ridiculous is this since the music also sounds like gushing pee. Also, everyone pees and I don't know what's embarrassing about that. 

6. The various flush buttons: Japanese toilets are just so automatic I had to figure out where the flush is. Sure they have the standard lever for flushing but they also have other things- the hand sensor, the butt sensor, the small button, etc. At first, I felt stupid trying to figure out their flush. Overtime, I got used to it knowing that the flush is just there waiting to be found.

Being the toilet-lover that I am, I am just so happy that Japanese toilets are comforting places. In fact, I think that one of the best things about Japan is their toilets and their endless supply of tissues. 

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