Friday, May 2, 2014

The Golden Week and Hamamatsu Festival

The best thing about May in Japan is the Golden Week. It's a week of consecutive holidays (April 29, May 3,5 and 6) which means no work. For the hardworking Japanese, this week is indeed golden.

In Hamamatsu, this is also the time of the Kite Festival and the local Festival. Hamamatsu Matsuri is a 3-day long event filled with revelry of the entire city. Morning festivities are concentrated in Nakatajima Sand Dunes where gigantic kites battle for victory. Late afternoon to late night celebrations shift to the city center and various chos or towns. The whole 3 days is just filled with happy chaos.

Hamamatsu Kite Festival
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(For my last year's experience of the festival, click here)

So, if you're around the area and no definite plans yet, drop by and join the party at Hamamatsu Festival!

(For more information of the Hamamatsu Festival, click here)

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