Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Kakizome for 2015

There's a Japanese word for the first writing of the year. It's called kakizome. People used to write traditional proverbs or short poems related to peace, love, happiness, prosperity, youth or whatever the calligrapher wants to have in the new year. Modern kakizome just used kanji characters.

(More on kakizome here)

Now, I can't write kanji. I can't do calligraphy. So obviously, I can't do kakizome. I'll just use this first post of the year as my very own and personalized kakizome. 

Here's my kakizome for 2015: 

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I've been so used opening the year with a bunch of things-to-do, and annual goals. I spend the last days of the previous year planning on things I have to accomplish.  I like to think of myself as a go-getter, someone who's in constant pursuit of goals and dreams. I like being busy learning new things, developing skills and growing with people. I like filling my days writing, observing, talking, cycling, planning, travelling and hanging out. I like being physically and mentally mobile. 

However, before 2014 year ended I realized that I spent too much time being on my feet and less time being on my knees. I'm running after life when there's really nothing to hurry about. I'm doing and thinking a hundred things when only a few really matters. I'm trying to play god when I can barely control my own life. 

So this year, I'm making a conscious decision to take things easy, to let go of things I have no control, to take longer coffee breaks and naps, to savor sunsets and sunrises and to spend unhurried moments with people. I'll be still this 2015 and just let life happen.

How about you, what words will you use in your kakizome? 

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