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FAQ's on Working in Japan

These so called 'salarymen' or office ladies fear resentment from their colleagues if they take days off, a real concern in a conformist culture that values harmony
Japanese salarymen and office ladies
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Here are some common questions I receive from people who want to work in Japan.

For FAQ's on Teaching English in Japan , click here. 

1. What jobs are available for foreigners in Japan? 

Most foreigners in Japan are either English teachers or factory workers. There are also a handful of nurses, nursing assistants and farmers. A handful of foreigners work in companies. However, these jobs require proficiency in Japanese.

2. How can I find a job in Japan? 

Find a company who can sponsor your visa. This is easier for English teaching positions.
You can also check the Japanese Embassy in your countries for job openings and work programs.

3. Can I go to Japan as a tourist then search for a job there? 

No one's stopping you from doing this but I wouldn't recommend it. It would be hard for you to find an employer who will sponsor your visa. Your employer might also take advantage of you.

4. I have a dependent visa, can I work in Japan? 

It depends on the restrictions of your visa. I have a friend whose husband has been granted a 3-year visa. He can also work with his visa. My husband was granted a year's visa but he cannot apply for work.

5. I have a student visa, can I work while studying? 

Just like in other countries, you can work a FEW hours if you have a student visa. But, you're not allowed to take full-time work. Just recently, a language school was closed because they're hiring people with student visa.

 6. Aside from my full-time job, can I do part-time work? 

If you have a work visa, it would be very specific on what kind of work you can do. If  you want to engage in part-time work, you have to apply for a "Certificate to Engage in Other Activities."

Check this post for more details: How to Get a Certificate to Engage in Other Activities.

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